Cerruti 1881 is a brand of the fashion house Cerruti founded in 1967 in France by the Italian designer Nino Cerruti. The French house designs and manufactures designer clothes, perfumes, leather goods, watches and luxury accessories.

Over the years, the brand Cerruti 1881 has created a very impressive reputation and won the hearts of many, so much so that even attracted the attention of Hollywood. The brand boasts collaborations with such renowned actors as Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Al Pacino and Jean -Paul Belmondo.

Initially, the fashion house produced only clothing and leather goods, but in the 80's was launched the first line of watches. Tireless creativity, innovation and commitment to excellence in design brought the Cerruti 1881 watch to the forefront of the fashion world.